Accession No. R015337
Period Shang Dynasty
Material Bronze
Findspot Royal Tomb No. 1004 Hsi-pei-kang, Yin Xu site
Geographic Location Hou-Chia-Chuang village, Anyang, Honan province, China
Dimension H. 26.5 cm; Diam. 23.0 cm


Period: Chinese Bronze Age. Shang dynasty.(1400-1100B.C.)
Medium: Bronze

The excavation of Royal Tomb M1004 yielded a large number of bronze helmets worn by warriors of the Shang. This example is one of the best-preserved pieces among them. The front is decorated with a horned animal mask. The eyes, ears and snout are all raised from the surface. A round boss can be found on both sides, embellished in the center with a whorl pattern. The top has a tubular holder, possibly used to hold decorative feathers.