Bone fishhook

Accession No. T0210043
Period Neolithic
Material Bones
Findspot Suo-gang Site
Geographic Location Suogang Village, Magong City, Penghu County
Dimension L. 16.8 cm; W. 0.8~4.1 cm; D. 0.2 cm


This is one of only a few bone fishing tools recovered at Suo-gang Site, Penghu Islands. The fishhook has been restored. There are obvious signs of grinding and burning on the surface. The notch at the top was made for attaching a fishing line. The artifact broadens towards the bend before curling upwards and thinning as it approaches the point, the tip of which is missing.

This form of bone fishhook is not present in any Neolithic sites in the vicinity but is a common form in prehistoric sites of the Pacific Islands. It may have a special meaning for the diaspora of prehistoric culture and technology.