Jade Pei Pendant in the Pattern of Two Phoenixes

Accession No. R020578
Period Eastern Chou
Material Jade
Findspot Tomb No. 60 Liu-li-ko Site
Geographic Location Chengguan Town, Hui County, Henan Province, China
Dimension L. 7.7cm; W. 4.6cm


This jade pei pendant was discovered from Tomb 60, Liulige, Hui County, Henan Province interred with the deceased. This light green jade piece is in the form of two phoenixes, it has a circular overall shape, and openwork carving that emulates the shape and the decoration of the piece. The two sides of the pendant turn upward to form the heads of the phoenixes while their ring-shaped bodies connect each other. A single engraved line runs around the edge of the ornament, delineating the shape of the phoenixes, while the whole piece is filled with curling cloud patterns. The patterns on the back of the pendant do not match its shape, indicating that the pendant was remade from an old piece of jade.

​Due to the limit of the technique, the hollow part of this 3D model is not very precise. The model is for reference only.​