Great Green Turban

Accession No. T0198522
Period Neolithic
Material Shell
Findspot E-luan-bi II site
Geographic Location Eluan Lane, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County
Dimension L. 15.5 cm; W. 16 cm; D. 10.63 cm


The Great Green Turban was found at O-luan-pi II Site; it is made out of a shell from the Neolithic. The Great Green Turban is in the class Gastropoda, superfamily Trochoidea, family Turbinidae, and genus Turbo. It is the biggest snail in the family Turbinidae. With a near globular shape, the shell is thick with lumps. The aperture is wide and slightly chipped, the tip of the spire is also missing. On the surface of the shell some sampling marks resulting from carbon and oxygen isotope analysis can be seen.

The carbon and oxygen isotope values of waters will affect the composition of the shells that dwell within them; therefore, this shell will record this environmental information. With the help of scientific devices, archaeologists can study the changes in carbon and oxygen curves and interpret the life history of the shells.